Amrita Marino x Collision Project mural at Industry City, Brooklyn, New York

I had the pleasure of being invited to participate in the Collision project which commissions a diverse roster of artists to paint murals in Industry City, Brooklyn. This mural was designed in response to the Covid related shutdown in 2020. Quarantine has challenged me, a professionally “house-bound” illustrator, in a way I had not anticipated. I visualized three phases of my emotional experience in this mural. At the left, optimism and belief that this too shall pass. In the middle, pushing angrily against  burdensome restrictions. In the end, an appreciation emerges for the signs of the changing season outside the window of my ground floor apartment. The colored geometric planes represent transitions from one room to another and are influenced by the art of female textile artists of the Bauhaus. You can read about this project here and articles by Time Out New York and Brooklyn Paper, about several murals at Industry City highlighting Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, including this one. I also hand painted part of the mural on a brown paper bag to raise money for the charity, Heart of Dinner.

Client : Collision Project at Industry City, Brooklyn, New York.
Size : 22 ft wide x 12 ft tall, approximately.